Welcome to the Turtle Nest. We ask that you kindly respect our maximum occupancy requirement. In the event that you should want additional guests to stay, please contact us. We’re reasonable folks, and will accommodate whenever possible.

PETS     We at the Turtle Nest are animal lovers, but unfortunately for those of you with fur babies, we adhere to a NO pets policy.

CHECK-IN     Check-in is at 3 pm, and check-out is by 10 am. Arriving slightly earlier or you need that extra hour to sleep? Should be fine. But please check with us first.

PARKING     Please park your vehicles in the concrete driveway. When parking in the driveway please ensure that no part of the vehicle (not even a trailer hitch) extends into the city sidewalk area (code enforcement will not be happy). If necessary, you may also park in the gravel between the roadbed and sidewalk. When parking in the gravel please insure that no part of the tires touch either the roadbed or sidewalk. (code enforcement will not be happy). Picking up on the pattern here?

PARTIES     Serious complaints of unruly behavior will unfortunately result in you being asked to leave. Not good for you. Not good for us.

SMOKING     This being a family home, we do have a strict no smoking policy, although you are welcome to smoke outside as long as butts are properly extinguished and disposed of.

DRUGS     What you do in your personal time is entirely up to you, but when staying in our home we have a zero tolerance drug use policy. It’s the law.

FLOORS     To ensure we keep the floors squeaky clean for our guest’s enjoyment, we appreciate not bringing the outdoors indoors. Either kick the yucky stuff off of your footwear or leave your footwear outside. While not mandatory, feel free to remove your shoes before entering. You’ll find that our floors feel refreshing on bare feet.  We like to think of it as bringing the beach to the house (only without the sand!). A hose and an outside shower are available to wash off sand before entering the Turtle Nest.

SUNSCREEN     Please apply spray-on sunscreen in the grass and shell areas ONLY. Residual spray will severely damage the flooring in the house and lanai as well as the concrete and pool pavers, besides these surfaces do not require SPF protection.


TRASH     Trash collection is Thursday and Monday mornings. The BLUE trash bin is to be used for Recyclables (cans, bottles, jars, newspaper, magazines, cardboard) The GREEN trash bin is to be used for all other household trash. Please place trash cans in the gravel area with handles toward the sidewalk the night before.

PLUMBING     The easiest way to disrupt an enjoyable stay is a plumbing problem. To prevent this, we kindly ask you to please properly dispose of wipes (baby, facial, cleaning, etc.), paper towels & sanitary products in the waste basket and not in the toilet. Also, please use ONLY single ply toilet paper. We simply want to ensure you have a royal flush kind of a stay with us :)

COUNTERS     Please clean up any spills.  Please do not cut directly on the granite countertops, use the cutting board provided. Also, please avoid harsh cleaners (e.g., 409, Fantastic etc.) and use the available approved granite cleaner.

OOPS     We understand that accidents happen. But we do ask that you let us know when they do. Chances are that we can fix them as effortlessly as possible.

HVAC     To keep costs down (and pass savings on to our guests) we kindly ask that when not in use, lights are turned off and that A/C or Heating is adjusted accordingly (please no lower than a cool 74 degrees). Mother Nature thanks you too.

NOISE     To be considerate to our surrounding neighbors, we kindly ask to keep things on the quieter-side after 9 PM. If you want to listen to music outside after hours please keep it at a low volume or use headphones. If inside, well, you know best what your family and friends are into, so let it rip if everyone is cool with it.

Wi-Fi         Our home comes equipped with high speed wireless Internet Access through Spectrum Cable ( password provided at check-in ). In case of a power outage the house phone will not operate.

Whilst we do a thorough professional cleaning between each guest stay, we kindly ask that prior to leaving, you clean and put away any dishes or kitchenware used and put any dirty towels in the laundry room. It helps us get through our cleaning process quicker and allows us to keep cleaning costs down for you and future guests.

We want to thank you in advance for your attention to our house rules.  We hope you have a wonderful stay!